western toad

Its pale dorsal stripe helps to identify the western toad.

  • Inyo Mountains slender salamander
    Batrachoseps campi
    Rare; found in riparian areas in the Inyo Mountains
  • red spotted toad
    Bufo punctatus
    Common at Furnace Creek; also found in water areas in Johnson, Hanaupah, and Emigrant Canyons
  • western toad
    Bufo boreas
    (an introduced species)
    Introduced in the middle portion of this century to the Furnace Creek area, where it is locally abundant.
  • pacific treefrog
    Hyla regilla
    Water areas throughout Death Valley: Scotty's Castle, Furnace Creek, Saratoga Springs,and at springs in Johnson and Hanaupah Canyons.
  • bullfrog
    Rana catesbeiana
    (an introduced species)
    Introduced around 1920 at Furnace Creek.

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