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Volunteer Patch

NPS Volunteer Patch

To view more NPS volunteer opportunities, go to www.nps.gov/volunteer or www.volunteer.gov/gov

Devils Tower National Monument has a very active volunteer program. Our VIPs (Volunteers-in-the-Parks) help support the Monument in a variety of ways. There are five basic positions that are recruited for at the Monument:

  1. Visitor Center Assistant - provides information and orientation to park visitors; assists with junior ranger programs; roves hiking trails and prairie dog town
  2. Climbing – provides information to climbers; assists with climbing patrols
  3. Maintenance - performs a variety of maintenance tasks such as trash collection, construction or repair of trails, cleaning, small projects, etc.
  4. Adminstrative Clerk – Answers phones, assists with filing, inputing of data, etc.
  5. Campground Host – provides information and assistance to visitors camping in monument; roves campground

Did You Know?

Ponderosa pine tree where porcupine has eaten bark

Porcupines spend a good deal of their lives stripping off the outer bark of trees to expose and eat the cambian layer. You can see many examples of this at Devils Tower when you walk along the Tower Trail.