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Your Safety

Camp Uzita is fun for everyone, but be mindful of potential safety hazards including open fires.

An Outstanding Safety Record

De Soto National Record has recorded more than fifteen years of injury free operation. Your assistance in maintaining that outstanding record is requested.

Every effort has been made to make the park as safe as possible. However, the use of fire, black powder and other weapons in Camp Uzita require particularly caution, especially with small children who are excited by what they see and sometimes forget safety rules.

The trails and beaches also include potential hazards. Remain on established trails and beaches. Do not disturb animals in the park, nor touch dead fish or animals that occasionally wash up on the beach.

If you detect a potential hazard, please report it to the Visitor Center immediately.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The size and speed of the horse was one of the primary advantages the Spanish conquistadors had over Native Americans. An accomplished cavalryman, Hernando de Soto brought over 200 horses as part of his 1539 conquest of La Florida. To Learn more, visit De Soto National Memorial, Bradenton, Florida. More...