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Junior Ranger Activity Book
De Soto National Memorials "New" Junior Ranger Activity Book!
Cover Art by Hermann Trapman

The New Junior Ranger Activity Book is Here!

Visitors can obtain the Junior Ranger activity booklet from the Visitor Center between 9-5 daily. To earn a free Junior Ranger Badge, kids have to complete six activites as well as a park map activity. Kids get a free book with a pencil and compass to help them complete the activities. We also have "official" Junior Ranger hats available in our bookstore.

Download the entire Junior Ranger Book in PDF format by clicking here!

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The men of Hernando de Soto's 1539 expedition to La Florida learned the hard way that Native American warriors could load and fire their long bows with deadly accuracy nearly a dozen times in the period required to load and fire the clumsy arquebus musket once. Visit De Soto National Memorial. More...