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Murie Science and Learning Center

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Join us for research and discovery in Alaska's subarctic and arctic parks

The Murie Science and Learning Center is part of a national effort to increase the amount of scientific research in the national parks, and thus the effectiveness of science-informed decision making, and to make that science accessible to the public.

With a facility located in the entrance area of Denali, the Murie Science and Learning Center represents eight of Alaska's arctic and subarctic national parks and teams with a growing number of partners in research and educational activities.

The building is open to the public and features an exhibit area, classroom, and office space for visiting scientists. It is the hub for a variety of educational activities during the summer months. It also serves as Denali's winter visitor center, from late September until May 14 every year. It is located at mile 1.4 on the Park Road, a short walk from the Denali Visitor Center.

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Denali's Winter Visitor Center

From mid-September to May 14 each year, the Murie Science and Learning Center serves as Denali's winter visitor center. Restrooms and water are available from 9 am - 4 pm, daily, except major holidays. Stop by to plan your winter adventure!


9 am - 4:30 pm, daily (except major holidays)

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