Climbing Knots Litter

a mostly black dog with white facial markings and bright blue eyes

NPS Photo

Prusik (m)

Prusik is a sweet social boy. He is very intelligent, attentive and always looking for ways he can please his humans. He has beautiful striking blue eyes and always happy to greet a visitor in the Kennels. While Clove and Munter roughhouse and play with each other like puppies, Prusik is perfectly content to find his own quiet spot on the trail and chew on a stick for hours on a puppy walk. When we put him in harness, Prusik is all business and already loves to skijor. We expect Prusik to be a natural leader as he grows up and a reliable presence on the trail.
mostly dark-colored dog with tan and black facial markings, a white throat and bright blue eyes

NPS Photo

Clove (f)

Clove enjoys beingthe girl in charge. She is also very fast and not afraid to take charge of a situation as long as it is on her own terms. She looks and acts sassy, very similar to her mother, Sultana, and we are confident she will have the same capabilities as a leader on the trail in the future.

a dark colored dog with light colored throat and eye markings

NPS Photo

Munter (m)

Munter was the only brown-eyed puppy in his litter. He has a handsome gray coat that is very similar to his father, Typhoon, who belongs to Matt Emslie in Fairbanks. He also inherited his mother's fiery spirit and intelligence. He is very independent but also human-focused. He will be the first of his littermates to check in with us on a free walk or run to make sure we aren't too far behind.

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