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    National Park & Preserve Alaska

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  • Road Open to: Mile 30 (Teklanika River)

    The Denali Park Road is currently open to Mile 30, Teklanika River. If wintry conditions occur, the road may close at some point closer to the park entrance. More »

GIS and GPS Data


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) manage spatial data for display in map form. This technology is becoming increasingly accessible to the general public through applications such as Google Earth, World Wind, etc. These applications read files in KML or KMZ format and display the information overlaying their base display. Here, we have listed a number of layers in KML format for download. The files display various features of interest in the Denali area.

Download Instructions:
To download these files click on the link. You will be presented with the choice to either open the file with a specified program or save the file to your disk. Selecting the first choice will open the program, such as Google Earth, and then display the feature.

Note: A more complete list of GIS data for more complex analysis is available from the NPS at the Natural Resource Information Portal.


GPS technology that uses signals from orbiting satellites to determine one's location on the ground has exploded in popularity and is increasingly being used in personal equipment including handheld GPS, Cars, and cell phones. Provided here are coordinates for the boundary of Denali National Park and Preserve, including the park wilderness.

Note: all locations are approximate and the accuracy of positions depends in part on the GPS equipment used and observation conditions.

Park Boundary Information

Did You Know?

a white, two-peaked mountain

Mount McKinley, located within Denali National Park and Preserve, is the highest mountain on the North American continent. Measured from the 2,000 foot lowlands to its snowy summit at 20,320 feet, the mountain’s vertical relief of 18,000 feet is greater than that of Mount Everest.