Denali's Resource Stewardship Strategy

Denali's Resource Stewardship Strategy includes a Wolf Monitoring project


NPS photo by Kent Miller

Denali's Resource Stewardship Strategy (RSS) serves as a road map for research and resource management at Denali for 20 years (2008-2027) and...

  • lists Denali's fundamental resources and values and other important resources and values
  • summarizes the current status of resource knowledge
  • selects indicators to assess current and desired condition for the resources and values
  • plans 19 comprehensive strategies to ensure the protection Denali's natural and cultural resources and values
  • identifies 99 projects within the comprehensive strategies

Consult these documents to learn more:

Fact Sheet about Denali's RSS
2-page color overview with a list of strategies

Front Cover of Denali's RSS

Front cover of Denali's Resource Stewardship Strategy

NPS image

Denali's RSS Summary
64-page color executive summary with highlights for at least one project in each comprehensive strategy (6.84 MB)

Denali's Research Stewardship Strategy
238-page complete document (7.92 MB)

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