Animals and Plants

  • Wildlife
    Denali has a diversity of wildlife, that includes 39 documented species of mammals, 169 species of birds, 14 species of fish, and one species of amphibian.
  • Plants, Lichens, Mosses
    You can't view the slopes and valleys of Denali without being introduced to some of the more than 650 species of flowering plants that collectively create the vegetation of the park. Only plants adapted to long, cold winters and short growing seasons can survive in this subarctic wilderness.

The Ecosystems and Environment of Denali

This landscape is not static--as landslides, glacially-fed braided rivers, and moving glaciers attest. There are also human impacts on the land, such as changes in air quality (air-borne contaminants) and climate.

  • Wilderness
    Wilderness is a word with both a specific, legal definition and a personal, emotional definition.
  • Climate change
    There are natural changes, and there are human-caused changes, to the land and climate. Discover the effects of climate change in Denali.
  • Mountains and glaciers
    Topped by the tallest mountain in North America, the Alaska Range covers much of the southern half of the park.
  • Aurora borealis
    The aurora, or northern lights, can be seen periodically in the Denali area.
  • Environmental factors
    Ranging from topics like air and water quality to the purity of the soundscape, look through aspects of the environment that are beyond what our eyes can see.

Did You Know?