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Hey Kids!

Calling all Flat Stanley's!

Wilbear Wright wants YOU to visit Dayton's National Park.

Are you looking for a great destination to send your Flat Stanley? Then look no further than Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. We're the national park that tells the stories about two brothers that invented the airplane and a young African American poet who went from an elevator operator to international stardom.

By sending Flat Stanley to Dayton's National Park you'll be guaranteed your little friend will get the red-carpet treatment as he explores our park and Dayton.

It's ALL FREE so send your Flat Stanley to Dayton's National Park today.

Simply send Flat Stanley with your name and address to:

Wilbear's Friends
Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
16 South Williams Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402

In cooperation with the Flat Stanley Project.

Flatster and Wilbear

Flatster, from Blue Springs Elementary School in Athens, Alabama, shares a photo op with Wilbear in the Wright Cycle Company building.

NPS Photo

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