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Wildflowers of Craters of the Moon
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More photos
These resource photo albums provide a glimpse into Craters of the Moon's critical resources and National Park Service efforts to inventory, monitor, and preserve them.


Bats in Crisis
Links to 3 short films about White Nose Syndrome and efforts to prevent its spread.


Short films about park activities and resources:

Loop Tour



Star Party

Pika Monitoring


Geological Animations (Developed by BLM staff and the University of California at Santa Barbara)

  • Eruptive Periods along the Great Rift
    Shows the evolution of the Craters of the Moon lava fields over the last 15,000 years.
  • Great Rift
    Shows a close-up view of the Great Rift and possible mechanisms by which features visible today on the surface were created.
  • Tree Molds
    Illustration of the process by which the imprint of charred trunks remains after contact with lava.
  • Rafted Blocks
    Shows the transport of large chunks of a cinder cone by lava flows.


A Trip to the Moon
Website for the Idaho Public Television special on Craters of the Moon

Interview with Doug Neighbor, Superintendent of Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve (Part of the Boise State Radio series "New Horizons in Education")
Interview with Robert Limbert historian and film maker, Steve Wursta (Part of the Boise State radio series "New Horizons in Education")

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