blazing star

Blazing star flowers bloom at night

Despite the seemingly barren nature of the cinder cones and lava fields, spectacular floral displays occur at Craters of the Moon each spring. Peak bloom for spring wildflowers generally occurs in mid-June. Starting with the arrival of the wild onion in late April and ending with the disappearance of the yellow blossoms of the rabbitbrush in September, some variety of wildflower can be found blooming within the monument's boundaries. The ability to grow in this harsh environment means overcoming a lack of moisture, meager soil, and surface temperatures that exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Many of the unusual characteristics of the wildflowers are adaptations for survival in this extreme environment.

Links to a document showing a seasonal list (PDF) of many of the flowers that bloom around the 7 mile Loop Road.


What's Blooming?

slender buckwheat
blazing star
rubber rabbitbrush
hoary aster

Did You Know?