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    Crater Lake

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Crater Lake License Plates


Crater Lake license plate example

You can show your support for Oregon's only national park on you car's license plates. Either at renewal or before, you can choose Crater Lake plates to help preserve this special place for years to come. A $20 one-time surcharge puts a beautiful image of Crater Lake front and center on your automobile. For more information on obtaining your Crater Lake plate, click here.

Proceeds from the plates go directly to supporting the Crater Lake Science and Learning Center as well as other park projects. The Crater Lake Science and Learning Center supports scientists, teachers, artists and students. It provides researchers the opportunity to study, a testing ground for testing ground, curriculum-based field trips for school classes and opportunities for artists to be inspired. For more information on the Science and Learning Center, click here.

Crater Lake Science and Learning Center
The Crater Lake Science and Learning Center

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The depth of Crater Lake was first measured in 1886 with a simple sounding machine that consisted of a crank and a spool of piano wire. Those first measurements showed the lake to be 1,996 feet deep - not far off from the depth of 1,943 feet that was measured with high tech equipment in 2000!