• Crater Lake in winter.

    Crater Lake

    National Park Oregon


The Center will continue to draw investigators to Crater Lake during Summer 2010 to conduct research. Our Science Coordinator will be contacting faculty at area universities to discuss potential areas of collaborative study and student projects.

We have already been successful in securing National Park Service project funding for a biogeographical study of pikas. We also built on the success of the 2008 “bio blitz” by conducting another bio intensive inventory of amphibians throughout the park the summer of 2010.

Finally, a grant awarded to the Oregon Institute of Technology from the State of Oregon is supporting the development of the Crater Lake Digital Research Collection.


Did You Know?

Did You Know?

The depth of Crater Lake was first measured in 1886 with a simple sounding machine that consisted of a crank and a spool of piano wire. Those first measurements showed the lake to be 1,996 feet deep - not far off from the depth of 1,943 feet that was measured with high tech equipment in 2000!