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    Crater Lake

    National Park Oregon

Nature and Science

View of the geology of the caldera.


Mount Mazama - from a gigantic 400,000 year old mountain to a hollow shell in 48 hours! Learn about the geology of Crater Lake National Park here.



The lucky 100 ... in the past seven-thousand years only about one-hundred scientists have ventured onto Crater Lake to study the lake's beautiful color, strange chemistry, and wild physics. Learn about the science and research of Crater Lake here.

Bull Trout

Public Domain

Out with the bad fish, in with the good... the Bull Trout Management Program in Sun Creek.

Spotted Owl


The rest of the story ... plants and animals at Crater Lake National Park.

Science & Learning Center


Where scientists, educators, and artists mingle ... the Crater Lake Science & Learning Center.

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

William Gladstone Steel worked for 17 years to convince Congress that a national park should be created to protect Crater Lake. He finally succeeded and the park was authorized on May 22, 1902.