• 18th century tents are set up in a lane.


    National Battlefield South Carolina

Indoor Activities

Rachael and Rebecca set up battle lines.

The museum has a discovery area for children.

Visitor Center

The museum contains Revolutionary War artifacts, a reproduction 3-pounder cannon, interpretive exhibits, and hands-on exhibits for children.

“Cowpens: A Battle Remembered" is a laser disk presentation shown hourly in the museum. The 18-minute show was filmed during the 225th anniversary of the battle and depicts the events of the battle. - Free

Fiber-optic Map Display illustrates the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution and the battle tactics employed by Daniel Morgan at Cowpens. (13 minutes) - Free

Sales Outlet operated by Eastern National offers books, posters, postcards, slides, and theme-related souvenirs for purchase.

Did You Know?

Gunsmoke makes it difficult to tell which army is firing.

In the American Revolution, both the American and British armies wore bright colored uniforms so that they could help distinguish who they were shooting at through the gunsmoke.