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Mobility impaired Each of the major sites in the park is wheelchair accessible, and a wheelchair is available at the Visitor Center. Handicapped parking spaces are located immediately in front of the Visitor Center, picnic area, Scruggs House, and each of the battlefield overlooks. Restrooms are handicapped accessible.

Hearing impaired The audio-visual program, "Cowpens: a Battle Remembered," is closed-captioned and has an assistive listening device available. The fiber-optic map program has an assistive listening device available and has an LED text.

Currently no one on staff is fluent in American Sign Language. If you need an interpreter, you can request one from the South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind, Division of Interpreting Services.

You may download the text for the following listening wands found in the visitor center:
Continental Kiosk Wand
Loyalist Kiosk Wand
Battlefield Overview for Rail Overlooking the Battlefield
Southern Campaign Introduction for Rail Overlooking the Battlefield
Loyalist Wand at Tree
Patriot Wand at Tree.

Visually impaired The park brochure is available in Braille. Ask at the visitor center desk. Download large print text here. You can also download large print site bulletins.

Other The park brochure is available in German, Spanish, and Japanese. Restrooms are equipped with changing tables and toddler safety seats.


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