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Devils Kitchen Picnic Area

The Devils Kitchen Picnic Area is the closest venue to Grand Junction.

1. The Devils Kitchen Picnic Area has 15 picnic tables, and 6 charcoal only grills.

2. Maximum number of parking spaces that can be occupied is 15.

3. Overflow parking is available in the field near the east entrance station, the maximum number of parking spaces is 50.

4. Event attendees may not walk the road to the Devils Kitchen Picnic Area. Events that use the additional parking area must have a hired parking attendant and coordinate shuttling guests to the picnic area.

Devils Kitchen Picnic Area
Devils Kitchen Picnic Area.
Devils Kitchen Picnic Area View
Devils Kitchen Picnic Area View.
Devils Kitchen Parking lot
Only 15 parking spaces can be used for special use permits in the Devils Kitchen Picnic Area. Additional parking is available by the East entrance station.
Additional Parking for the Devils Kitchen Picnic Area
Additional parking for the Devils Kitchen Picnic Area. Location near the east entrance station.

Did You Know?

Independence Monument

Independence Monument is all that remains of a continuous ridge that once formed a wall between Monument and Wedding Canyons. A cap of durable Kayenta rock has protected this picturesque 450 feet (137 meters) high monolith from the relentless erosion that carried away the surrounding rock.