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    City Of Rocks

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Visitor Center

Visitor Center and Headquarters

Photo by Wallace Keck

City of Rocks National Reserve
Castle Rocks State Park

Headquarters and Visitor Center
3035 South Hwy 77 Spur
PO Box 169
Almo, ID 83312


This facility includes the main visitor center for City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park, offering interpretive exhibits, books, maps, T-shirts, and other park-related items. This building also includes the park's administrative offices.



208-824-5911: Wallace Keck, Park Superintendent
208-824-5912: Venna Ward, Assistant Park Manager
208-824-5913: Carl Byrd, Chief of Maintenance
208-824-5914: Brad Shilling, Climbing Ranger
208-824-5915: Kristen Bastis, Chief of Cultural Resources
208-824-5916: Juanita Jones, Chief of Visitor Services
208-824-5919: Trenton Durfee, Park Ranger Natural Resources

Did You Know?

View of a granite mountain with trees around the base.

The uplifted and eroded rocks at City of Rocks National Reserve are like an open window into the earth where visitor and scientist can view tectonic events that raised the mountainous interior of the western United States, and the weather that shapes the current landscape.