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Climbing Guides

CIRO Guide

By Dave Bingham

City of Rocks Idaho, A climber’s Guide (2009). Idaho’s City of Rocks National Reserve has been called America’s premiere granite sport climbing area. Tucked in a enchanting high-desert corner of the state, this one-of-a kind gem attracts climbers from across the country and around the globe.

296 pages, $24.95


Castle Rocks Climbing Guide

By Dave Bingham

Castle Rocks Idaho, A Climber’s Guide (2008). Castle Rocks State Park, Idaho, is a magical place of spires, meadows and rugged backcountry. This book has all the information you need to explore over 340 routes, including complete maps and information to make your trip to the special place more enjoyable.

120 pages $14.95


Idaho Underground

By Dave Bingham

Idaho Underground. Come explore Idaho’s crags with the first-ever guide to over 600 climbs and boulder problems. Included areas some of the west's most unique climbing sites on a variety of rock types and styles-both above and below ground level!

120 pages $14.95




Lives of North American Birds

By Kenn Kaufman

Lives of North American Birds. This book gives every important detail about the lives of birds: what they eat, where they build their nests, how many eggs they lay, what habitat they choose, when they migrate, what their current conservation status is and much more. Included is information about more than 9090 birds, complete life histories for 680 species that occur regularly in North America and shorter accounts for more than 230 others that visit occasionally, with more than 600 beautiful photographs and more than 600 range maps.

675 pages $25.00

Idaho Wildlife Viewing Guide

Idaho Wildlife Viewing Guide. This Idaho Wildlife Viewing Guide is your ticket to the premier places to see Idaho’s wildlife, which includes:

100 sites with descriptions of habitats

Lists of species to view in the area

Numerous color photos of wildlife and scenery

Color maps for each site

Site notes with specific directions and information

Size of site and nearest town

143 pages $11.95

Quick Reference Guides3

Quick Reference Guides. These laminated pocket size quick reference guides include ranges and habitats, sizes, descriptions as well as easy field identification. Waterproof laminated pages with color photos.
New to our collection is Raptors of Western North America, a comprehensive guide to all species!




California Trail Along the Humboldt River

Richard K. Brock
Donald E. Buck

A Guide to The California Trail Along The Humboldt River. This Guide is part of the Emigrant Trails West Series of guidebooks that cover the major trails used by emigrants who traveled overland to California and southern Oregon during the 1840s and 1850s. This guidebook focuses on markers placed at significant locations along an emigrant trail, with driving instructions to them, emigrant narratives on the marker area, maps showing the markers and trails they identify, photos of the trails, and historical explanations of these trails.

186 pages, $25.00

Cassia County

Cassia County. Cassia county is located in south-central Idaho along the Snake River. It has more pioneer trails going through it than any other county in the United States. It has a diversity of natural beauty. City of Rocks National Reserve, with its towering formations growing up from the high desert valley floor, was a landmark for pioneer wagons traveling through the area.

128 pages, $21.99

Massacre Rocks & City of Rocks

1862 Attacks on Emigrant Trains by Donald H. Shannon

Massacre Rocks and City of Rocks (1862 Attacks on Emigrant Trains). This book is written more in the form of a ‘chronicle’ for an audience who are interested in a detailed, comprehensive and orderly presentation of events so as to draw their own conclusions or interpretations.

240 pages $16.95



Etched in Stone

By Kevin R. Pogue

Etched In Stone. The geology of City of Rocks National Reserve and Castle Rocks State Park, Idaho. The granite of the Albion Mountains has been deeply etched by the corrosive action of water and naturally occurring compounds in solution. Though “etched in stone” is a phrase often applied to something that cannot be changed, this book should convince you that the City of Rocks and Castle Rocks are anything but static and unchanging. The etching of these rock spires has been happening over millions of years. The present shapes should be viewed as a mere snapshot in geologic time.

132 Pages, $26.95



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