• Upper level of Youngsholm showcasing the woodwork near the peak of the roof

    Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers

    National Monument Ohio

Operating Hours & Seasons

Guided tour

Guests listen attentively to living history from park ranger Reggie Murray.

NPS / Tom Engberg

Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument is currently being developed for visitor use. It is not yet open to the visiting public for regular visitation hours, but interpretive programs and exhibits are under development. Be sure to check for dates for the next guided tour of the house.

Events and tours of the park may be available on an infrequent basis. To view any upcoming events or open tours of the park, you can also visit one of the park's social media pages as newly announced dates and times for events will be posted there too.

For up-to-date information on the history and planning of the park, information on tours and information on volunteer opportunities, please contact park staff by email or call 937-366-9524.

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