• Col. Charles Young / Youngsholm / Buffalo Soldiers in Cuba

    Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers

    National Monument Ohio

"The thing then to be desired above all others is confidence in one's self..." Charles Young

Throughout his life, Charles Young overcame countless obstacles in his ascent to prominence.  In spite of overt racism and stifling inequality, Young rose through the military ranks to become one of the most respected leaders of his time.  A well-rounded man with a steadfast devotion to duty, Young led by example and inspired a generation of new leaders.

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Did You Know?

Cadet Young standing at rear during inspection

On May 10th, 1884, Charles Young became only the 9th African-American at the time to be accepted to the US Military Academy at West Point. Young achieved the 2nd highest score among those he tested with in 1883. He received his appointment after the initial primary cadet dropped out of the academy More...