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Island Facts: Santa Rosa Island

Tim Hauf
  • Located in Santa Barbara County.

  • Forty miles from Ventura; 26.5 miles from the nearest mainland; three miles east of San Miguel Island and six miles west of Santa Cruz Island.

  • Santa Rosa is the second largest island in California. Approximately 15 miles wide by 10 miles long; 84 square miles; 53,000 acres.

  • Average rainfall-15 inches.

  • Soledad Peak is island's tallest peak at 1,574 ft.

  • Six endemic plant species occur only on Santa Rosa Island.

  • Santa Rosa Island is home to only three native terrestrial mammals-the island fox, island spotted skunk, and island deer mouse. They are all endemic to the Channel Islands.

  • Reptiles and amphibians include the alligator lizard, Baja California tree frog, and three endemic species-the island gopher snake, island fence lizard, and Channel Islands slender salamander.

Did You Know?

Island night lizard                                     C. Drost

The only reptile found on Santa Barbara Island is the endemic and threatened island night lizard. These lizards can live up to 20 years or more, but once established in a territory generally remain within a 3-meter radius their entire life.