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  • Santa Barbara Island Closed Due to Storm Damage

    Santa Barbara Island is currently closed to public access due to damage from the high surf associated with Hurricane Marie. More »

  • San Miguel Island Closure

    In the interest of public safety, the U.S. Navy is closing San Miguel Island until further notice due to recent concerns of possible unexploded ordnance. More »

Island Facts: Santa Barbara Island

Santa Barbara Island
  • Located in Santa Barbara County.

  • Fifty-four miles from Ventura; 38 miles from the nearest mainland (San Pedro); 24 miles from Santa Catalina Island.

  • Approximately 1.5 miles wide by one mile long; one square mile; 639 acres.

  • Average rainfall-12 inches.

  • Tallest peak-Signal Peak, 634 ft.

  • Home to 14 endemic plant species and subspecies that occur only on the Channel Islands. Forms of buckwheat, dudleya, cream cups, and chicory are found only on Santa Barbara Island.

  • The endemic, threatened island night lizard occurs only on Santa Barbara, San Nicolas, and San Clemente Islands.

  • The island's cliffs offer perfect nesting habitat for one of the world's largest breeding colonies of Scripps's murrelets, rare seabirds.

  • Absence of freshwater led the Tongva and Chumash to use the island on a seasonal basis and as a stopover between Santa Catalina and San Nicolas Islands.

Did You Know?

Island deer mouse

The endemic island deer mouse is the only native terrestrial mammal common to all the Channel Islands and is larger than mainland deer mice. Densities of deer mice on the islands can be greater than anywhere else in the world. This makes you happy if you're an owl, but not if you're a camper.