Multimedia Presentations

Tim Hauf

Most of the park's multimedia presentations are available in a variety of formats from streaming Flash files to downloadable Windows Media or Apple Quicktime files. Please note that download or streaming of files may be slow on dial-up connections. Click on the links below to view or download the multimedia presentation of your choice.

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Audio Files

Island Voices
Stories of life on Santa Cruz Island as told various residents and visitors to the island.


Treasure in the Sea
This film is shown throughout the day in the park visitor center and gives an overview of Channel Islands National Park.

Channel Islands Live: Live Programs
Take a virtual visit to the Channel Islands through live broadcasts from Anacapa Island that highlight the remarkable natural and cultural resources of the islands and their surrounding waters.

Channel Islands Live: Archived Programs
These archived programs were recorded from previous broadcasts from Anacapa Island.

"From Shore to Sea" Lecture Series
View the monthly lectures that focus on the current research on the Channel Islands and surrounding waters.

California Islands Symposium 2012
These videos are from the Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island presentations as well as the San Nicolas Island Box Cache presentations during the 2012 California Islands Symposium.

Restoring Balance: Santa Cruz Island
Documents the various aspects of the complex Santa Cruz Island restoration program.

Restoring Balance: Anacapa Island
Documents the removal of non-native species on Anacapa Island.

Achieving Balance: Anacapa Island
Ten years after removing nonnative rats the ecosystem on Anacapa Island, including rare seabirds, is showing profound results of recovery.

Seabird Restoration
Documents seabird restoration efforts on park islands.

Bald Eagle Media
View video and still images from bald eagles on the Channel Islands.

Race to Save the White Abalone
Channel Islands National Park and its partners investigate the abundance and distribution of white abalone around the Channel Islands.

Models of Change: The Geologic Story of Channel Islands National Park
Four part overview of the complex geologic processes that formed the Channel Islands.

The Rainbow Bridge
This Chumash creation describes Limuw (Santa Cruz Island) as the birthplace of the Chumash people. Told by Julie Tumamait-Stenslie, Chumash elder.

Santa Rosa Island Slideshow
View what the beautiful island of Santa Rosa has to offer visitors.

Channel Islands Shipwrecks
Learn about a some of the approximately 100 shipwrecks that have been documented within the park

Historic Sheep Shearing at Scorpion Ranch, Santa Cruz Island
Historic video of sheep shearing operations at Scorpion Ranch.

Pygmy Mammoth: Life and Times
Learn about the Channel Islands pygmy mammoth with specific information on the specimen found in 1994 on Santa Rosa Island.

Treading Lightly
Learn how to limit your impact on park resources.

Kayak Safety
Learn how to stay safe while kayaking in the park.

Leave No Trace
Learn about steps you can take to help protect your park.

Wonders of the West
A high definition Las Vegas PBS television series highlighting the wonders of nature found west of the Rocky Mountains. Please follow the links below to view segments of the Channel Islands episode posted on

Time-lapse Videos
View high definition time-lapse videos from throughout the park.

Island Transportation Videos
Learn more about public boat and plane transportation to the park.

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