Channel Islands Live Bald Eagle Webcams

Kevin White

The Bald Eagle Webcams provide an intimate view of the breeding and nesting behavior of bald eagles at the Channel Islands. Enhance your virtual experience with status reports posted by eagle biologists on the Bald Eagle Webcam Discussion Forum.

Due to power and signal transmission issues at the remote nesting sites, the bald eagle webcams may temporarily drop their video feed. We are working on solutions and hope to have reliable webcams operating soon on this webpage. As an interim measure, please visit Fraser Point Nest on Ustream and Sauces Nest on Ustream.

Bald Eagle Webcam One: Fraser Point Pair


Bald Eagle Webcam Two: Sauces Canyon


For full screen viewing, right click on the video image and select "Zoom" and then select "Full Screen." The video will be pixelated since the resolution of the streaming video is 320 x 240. To exit full screen, push the "Escape" key or right click on the video image and select "Exit Full Screen." To open directly in the full version of Windows Media Player visit or

If you are using a Mac you may need to install Flip Player for Mac to view the Bald Eagle Webcam. This will allow you to view the webcam using Quicktime. To install this free software visit Flip Player for Mac.

Viewing experiences may differ based on internet connection and device. There is currently no technical support regarding the quality of this video stream. However, we do welcome your feedback. Contact us at: Channel Islands Interpretation.

In spring 2006, the first chick to hatch unaided by humans on the Channel Islands in over 50 years made headlines across the country. Thrilled with the public interest in this historic event, the National Park Service and its partners established webcams that bring live, streaming images of bald eagle nests into the schools and homes of millions of Americans. The solar-powered camera runs daily between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. Viewers will need a computer with high bandwidth and Windows Media Player.

The Channel Islands Live Bald Eagle Webcam was made possible through a partnership with the National Park Service, Ventura County Office of Education, and the Institute for Wildlife Studies with funding provided by the Montrose Settlements Restoration Program. The bald eagle nests are on the portion of Santa Cruz Island that is owned by The Nature Conservancy and they are graciously hosting the webcams.

Bald Eagle Archives
View video and still images from bald eagles on the Channel Islands.

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