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    Channel Islands

    National Park California

General Management Plan

Tim Hauf

As one of America's "crown jewels," Channel Islands National Park will continue to serve as a model for park management. It is important that park resources, both terrestrial and marine, continue to be preserved and protected for future generations.

The current General Management Plan (GMP) for the park was completed in 1985. Since that time much has occurred, such as completion of the park's major land acquisition effort, expansion of park operations and visitor facilities, and an increase in the number of resource issues the park is facing.

A new plan is being undertaken to provide a vision for the park's future, as well as guidance in resource preservation, protection, and management that will help achieve that vision. The new plan also will help identify how the National Park Service may best protect cultural and natural resources while providing for visitor enjoyment of the park.

The park wants to communicate, consult, and cooperate with all interested individuals and groups in this planning process. We urge you to take advantage of all opportunities in this process to share your vision and support for this magnificent national park. Your participation will ensure a strong public voice to help guide us and will result in a better vision than we alone could provide.

Draft General Management Plan / Wilderness Study / Environmental Impact Study

The Draft General Management Plan / Wilderness Study / Environmental Impact Study is
available at Park Planning. The plan has a no action alternative and two action alternatives that describe how the park would be managed for visitor experience and safety, commercial services, resource protection, and park operations. Alternative 3, the NPS preferred alternative, would enhance visitor experience and park operations while continuing to provide a high level of resource protection.

Public comments to the plan may be viewed by downloading this Excel file: Channel Islands National Park Draft General Management Plan Public Comments.

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