• Capulin Volcano National Monument by J. Unruh

    Capulin Volcano

    National Monument New Mexico

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  • Road Work

    Expect delays due to road work on HWY 64/87 west of Capulin, between Capulin and Raton, NM.

Traffic & Travel Tips

No Trailers

Vehicle Limits
No trailers or towed vehicles are permitted on the Volcano Road. If you are towing a trailer, it will have to be unhitched and left at the visitor center. If you are driving an RV towing a vehicle, you will have to unhitch and drive the smaller vehicle to the rim.


Oversized Vehicle Accommodation
The Monument's compendium states the maximum size of a vehicle allowed on the Volcano Road is 26 feet in length and/or 8 feet in width. We will try our best to accommodate visitors who have larger vehicles, but accommodation will depend upon staffing and the number of vehicles at the top of the volcano.

Did You Know?

color photograph of tumuli or squeezeup

Tumuli or squeezeups usually develop when lava flows on level ground. A mound of lava is pushed up from the flow when the crust buckles, with additional pressure from the liquid lava of the flow.