The National Park Service prepares a variety of planning and environmental documents to help guide it in managing park resources. These documents can range from site-specific impact analyses on facility locations to broader park-wide plans for future use and management of a park.

The National Park Service Planning, Environment and Public Comment site provides access to current plans, environmental impact analyses, and related documents on public review. Users of the site can submit comments for documents available for public review.

Environmental Compliance and Planning, Public Comments, (PEPC).

The 2013 Catoctin Mountain Park Foundation Document is available in PDF format files. It is posted in multiple sections for ease in downloading and viewing.

State of the Park Report for Catoctin Mountain Park, 2013 (PDF 992 KB).

Catoctin Mountain Park Long Range Interpretive Plan, 2008 (PDF 9.2 MB).

The Resource Stewardship Strategy, June 2013 (PDF 5.8 MB).

The Catoctin Mountain Park Trails Management Plan, (Word 4.2 MB).

White-tailed Deer Management Plan, Environmental Impact Statement - Record of Decision, 2009, (PDF 886 KB).

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