Sandburg Home

A wheelchair lift is available from the ground to second floor.

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The Sandburg Home is a three-story antebellum home built in 1838. The first floor is accessible as it is on ground level with small thresholds. The second story is accessible by stairs or a lift for visitors using mobility devices. The third story is only accessible by stairs, however the bulk of the visitor tour is on the main level and second story of the home. A walker and wheelchair are available by request if needed during your visit.

sandburg home shuttle

A Park Ranger helps a visitor with limited mobility to comfortably access the site

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The walk from the visitor parking lot to the home is 1/3 mile and gains 100 feet in elevation. This can be challenging for many visitors. If you feel this climb may be a challenge for you, please call a park ranger from either of two phones located near the visitor entrance. One phone is near the accessible parking spaces in the parking lot. The second phone is located on the wall outside of the restroom facilities near the lake. The ranger will provide assistance with your visit.

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