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Carl Sandburg Home Virtual Museum

This multi-media exhibit and related lesson plans celebrate Carl Sandburg, “Poet of the People.” It examines his career as a poet, writer, historian biographer of Abraham Lincoln and social activist through original museum objects and a virtual tour.


Where to? What next?
This educational film and related lesson plans explore Carl Sandburg’s history, his family, his love of words, and hope for the future of America. Those elements that helped craft the poet, writer, biographer, folk singer and social activist he became. By exploring our own past and dreams for the future maybe we too can find a voice as Sandburg did, and share it through poetry, story or song.

Student Poetry Contest
The park's annual student poetry contest celebrates the American poet, Carl Sandburg, while inspiring youth grades 3-12 to write their own original poems. Contest begins in January followed by a reception to honor contest winners. Stay tuned for 2011 details!
the National Parks: America's Best Idea

The National Parks: America's Best Idea

The National Parks: America's Best Idea, is a new film directed by Ken Burns. This six episode documentary features some of America's most beautiful National Parks. The films companion website offers a variety of lesson plans and interactive activities for educators to use in the classroom.


Did You Know?

a photo of Carl Sandburg's writing office located on the top floor of his Connemara home

This office, tucked into the southwest corner of his Connemara home, receives very little sunlight until well into the morning. This is the way Mr. Sandburg preferred it. He produced many pieces of work in this office, including the one-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln from his six-volume set.