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  • Some unpaved roads are closed

    Recent rains have caused extensive damage to some roads in the Needles District and some of the roads into the Maze District. More »

  • Safety in Bear Country

    Black bears have been seen in the Needles, Maze, and along the Colorado River. Be alert and store food and garbage properly: in hard-sided, latched containers (or your vehicle) when not being prepared or consumed. More »

  • New backcountry requirements in effect

    Hard-sided bear containers are required for backpackers in parts of the Needles District. More »

4WD Roads in the Maze

photo: The road between Teapot camp and the Land of Standing Rocks is considered very difficult under any conditions
The road between Teapot camp and the Land of Standing Rocks is considered very difficult under any conditions
NPS Photo by Neal Herbert

Four-wheel-drive roads in the Maze are extremely difficult, present considerable risk of vehicle damage, and should not be attempted by inexperienced drivers. A high-clearance, four-wheel-drive vehicle is required for all Maze backcountry roads.

If you plan to enjoy Maze's 4WD roads, please be aware of the following:

  • All vehicles and bikes must remain on designated roads.
  • ATVs, UTVs, and OHVs are not permitted. Motorbikes must be highway-legal.
  • All vehicles must be registerd and operated by a licensed driver.
  • Permits are required for all overnight trips in the backcountry.

The most commonly used road in the Maze is the Flint Trail, which traverses slopes of clay that are extremely slippery when wet. The Flint Trail is often closed during winter. The road between Teapot camp and the Land of Standing Rocks is considered very difficult under any conditions and involves considerable risk of vehicle damage.

Four-wheel drivers should be prepared to make basic road or vehicle repairs and should carry the following items:

• At least one full-size spare tire
• Extra gas
• Extra water
• Shovel
• High-lift jack
• Chains for all four tires (especially October through April)

Drive Carefully!
Towing charges are very expensive. Visitors caught in the backcountry with disabled vehicles can expect towing fees in excess of $1,000.

Vehicle Campsites
Permits are required for overnight trips. Four-wheel-drive vehicle and mountain bike groups stay in designated sites. Each campsite will accommodate up to 9 people and 3 vehicles. Flint Seep will accommodate groups of 16 people and 5 vehicles. Groups must provide their own cleanable, reusable toilet system. The sites do not have picnic tables.

Driving Time from Hans Flat Number
of Sites

Chimney Rock

5+ hours


Cleopatra's Chair

2 hours


Doll House

6+ hours


Ekker Butte

4+ hours


Flint Seep

1 hour


Golden Stairs

1.5 hours


Happy Canyon

1 hour


High Spur

45 minutes


Maze Overlook

3+ hours


Millard Canyon

6 hours


North Point

30 minutes


Panorama Point

2 hours


Standing Rock

5 hours


Sunset Pass

2.5 hours


Teapot Rock

3 hours


The Neck

1 hour


The Wall

5 hours


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