• Spires of Cedar Mesa sandstone in Chesler Park (Needles District)


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  • Some unpaved roads are closed

    Recent rains have caused extensive damage to some roads in the Needles District and some of the roads into the Maze District. More »

  • Safety in Bear Country

    Black bears have been seen in the Needles, Maze, and along the Colorado River. Be alert and store food and garbage properly: in hard-sided, latched containers (or your vehicle) when not being prepared or consumed. More »

  • New backcountry requirements in effect

    Hard-sided bear containers are required for backpackers in parts of the Needles District. More »

Dakota Sandstone

photo: pothole in Dakota sandstone
Weathered pothole in Dakota Sandstone at Hovenweep National Monument
NPS Photo

This layer does not occur in Canyonlands, but may be seen in some areas of Arches National Park and around Hovenweep National Monument.

Early- to mid-Cretaceous (64 to 144 million years ago)

Depositional Environment:
Varid from alluvial fans in the south to more marine environments in the north (Book Cliffs).

Brown, cross-bedded sandstone

The mesa tops east of Monticello on U.S. Highway 491

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