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  • Temporary Closures of Marion Park

    The National Park Service will begin sidewalk rehabilitation in Marion Park in April 2014. More »

  • Turf Protection in Lincoln Park

    April 15 - July 8 the center panel of grass in Lincoln Park will be closed in preparation for summer events. This preventative practice is put in place annually to keep the turf healthy and attractive. For additional information please call 202 673-2402.


Providing opportunities for appropriate public enjoyment is an important part of the National Park Service's mission. Capitol Hill Parks includes park areas between 2nd Streets NE and SE and the Anacostia River. Included in this group are Folger, Lincoln, and Marion Parks, the Maryland Avenue Triangles, the Pennsylvania Avenue Medians, the Eastern Market Metro Station, the Potomac Avenue Metro Station, Seward Square, Twining Square, Stanton Park, and 59 inner city triangles and square that total, 38.45 acreage, in the Capitol area.

How to Obtain a Public Gathering Permit for Capitol Hill Parks

The National Park Service will allow only uses that are

  1. appropriate to the purpose for which the park was established, and

  2. can be sustained without causing unacceptable impacts to park resources or values. Recreational activities and other uses that would impair a park's resources, values, or purposes cannot be allowed.

Permit applications. Permit applications may be obtained at:

National Capital Parks–East Headquarters
1900 Anacostia Drive, SE
Washington, DC 20020
(202) 690–5185

Applicants shall submit permit applications in writing on a form provided by the National Park Service so as to be received by the Regional Director at least 48 hours in advance of any proposed demonstration or special event. This 48–hour period will be waived by the Regional Director if the size and nature of the activity will not reasonably require the commitment of park resources or personnel in excess of that which are normally available or which can reasonably be made available within the necessary time period. The Regional Director shall accept permit applications only during the hours of 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, holidays excepted. All demonstration applications, except those seeking waiver of the numerical limitations applicable to Lafayette Park are deemed granted, subject to all limitations and restrictions applicable to said park area, unless denied within 24 hours of receipt.

In accordance with the National Park Service Regulations as contained in C.F.R., Title 36, Chapter 1, Section 7.96, permission granted to conduct a public gathering permit, the conditions of permit regulations are as followed:

  1. Permittee and all participants authorized therein must comply with all of the conditions of the permit regulations and with all reasonable directions of the United States Park Police.

  2. All sidewalks, walkways, and roadways must remain unobstructed to allow for the reasonable use of these areas by pedestrians, vehicles and other park visitors.

  3. All laws, rules and regulations applicable to the area covered by this permit remain in effect.

  4. No fee may be collected, donation solicited, or commercial activity conducted. No items may be sold or offered for sale except for books, newspapers, leaflets, pamphlets, buttons, and bumper stickers which contain a message related to your demonstration or special event. No merchandise may be sold or offered for sale. A stand or structure used for the sale of permitted items may not exceed one table per site, which may be no larger than 2 1/2 feet by 8 feet or by 4 feet. The dimensions of the sales site may not exceed 6 feet wide by 15 feet long by 6 feet high.

  5. The area should be left in substantially the same condition as it was prior to the activities authorized herein, and all litter shall be placed in the trash containers provided.

  6. This permit is applicable only for the use of the designed area or in any area as may hereafter be designated by the United States Park Police.

  7. The use if sound amplification equipment, other than hand–portable sound amplification equipment to be used for crowd control purposes only, is prohibited on the White House Sidewalk (South 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, sidewalk between East Executive Avenue and West Executive Avenue). All sound amplification equipment shall be limited so that it will not unreasonably disturb nonparticipating persons in, or in the vicinity of, the area.

  8. The National Park Service reserve the right to immediately revoke your permit at any time should it reasonably appear that the public gathering presents a clear and present danger to the public safety, good order or health, or if any conditions of this permit are violated.

    1. Applicants must state the purpose of park use that the permit authorizes.

    2. Permittee is responsible for providing all necessary equipment/objects to conduct this activity. All equipment must be removed form park property immediately following the conclusion of the event. Items left on park property will be considered abandoned property and will not be the responsibility of the National Park Service.

    3. The alteration, adaptation, damage or injuring, and/or removal of park resources or facilities are prohibited.

    4. No attachment to statues, trees, plantings, benches, etc.

    5. Balloons, alcoholic beverages, and glass beverage containers are prohibited on parkland.

    6. The permittee will be responsible for any injuries and/or damages to government property occurring as a result of this permitted activity.

    7. Person in charge is responsible for obtaining the necessary permission and/or paperwork for the use of streets under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Department, (202) 727–4635.

    8. Federal parkland may not be used for promotions or advertisement of commercial brands, products companies or services.

    9. All vehicles must park in designed, available public spaces. All equipment must be hand–carried and/or hand–carted to event site. Unloading and loading of supplies/equipment must be from street curb.

    10. Special attention is drawn to last sentence, item #7 last page of the permit, concerning sound amplification. All sound amplification equipment shall be limited so that it will not unreasonably disturb nonparticipating persons in, or in the vicinity of, the area.

    11. Permittee is responsible for removing all trash and debris resulting from this permitted activity immediately following the conclusion of this event.

    12. Permittee does not have exclusive use of the area including sidewalks and roadways. No interference with the pedestrian traffic and no blocking entrances or driveways allowed. No impeding vehicular traffic permitted. All areas must remain open to the general public at all times.

    13. A copy of your permit must be carried at all times by the permittee while operating under the authority granted.

    14. Contact Leonard D. Lee, National Capital Regional, (202) 619–7225 for additional information and to finalize any logistical setup.

    15. Contact Sgt. Roxanne Brown–Ankeny, U. S. Park Police, (202) 610–7092, to finalize any police logistics.