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Highlands Center Programs and Events

Calendar of 2014 Events

We and our partners offer the following activities:


Partners and volunteer paint at Highlands Fest 2012

Joyce Johnson

Ranger-Led Walk: Truro Treasures Weekend Tour: Sunday, Sept. 21 from 10-11 AM.

Under the Tent at Payomet Performing Arts Center!

Celebrate Payomet's 16th season with classes, children's programming, theater and music at their Highlands Center tent. Music at the tent will start off in mid-June and continue to mid-September.

Call 508-487-5400 or view www.payomet.org

Fired Up at the Castle Hill Kiln

Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill will hold firings of its wood-fired kiln at the Highlands Center.

2014 fall firing:

Join in on Columbus Day weekend. See www.castlehill.org.

Past Events

Flyer for Highlands Fest: Taking Root - Saturday, June 28 10AM - 2PM free.

Highlands Fest 2013:Weathering Change in our Air, Land & Sea

Each year we engage in participatory activities expressing science through art at Highlands Fest. In 2013 we pitched in on the creation of engaging murals to showcase climate research and heard from personnel involved with the Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Mobile Climate Research Facility, who have been gathering data during a one-year deployment at the Highlands Center to advance long-term climate models. We watched a weather balloon launches, learned, listened to live music, enjoyed light refreshments and supported our Climate Friendly Park through public art!


DOE ARM Climate Research Facility (July 2012 - July 2013)

The Department of Energy's Atmospheric Radiation Monitoring System Mobile Climate Research Facility has been engaged in a one-year deployment at Highlands Center. The goal was to study aerosols - tiny particles in the air such as dust, soot and sea salt - to improve understanding of how aerosols effect Earth's climate.

Learn more about ARM at their website. Or view the video below with excerpts from a NPR interview with Principal Investigator Dr. Larry Berg.


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