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  • Back Country Campsite Closed

    Due to bear activity at Bryce Canyon's back-country, the following campsite has been closed until further notice: Sheep Creek

Tower Bridge

The trail to Tower Bridge begins at Sunrise Point and heads northeast along the Fairyland Loop Trail, it is not a loop trail. This trail is considered a "moderate hike" due to the drop in elevation from the rim down to Tower Bridge of 950 ft/290 m, and takes about 2-3 hours to complete the 3 mile (4.8 km) hike. Once at Tower Bridge one has the option of returning to Sunset point or continuing on farther around the Fairyland Loop. It is suggested to carry plenty of water while hiking.
Topographical image of the Tower Bridge Trail (marked in red)
Topographical image of the Tower Bridge Trail (marked in red)
Elevation Profile of the Tower Bridge Trail

Total Distance:

3 miles
4.83 km


950 feet
290 m


950 feet
290 m


7149/8000 feet
2179/2438 m

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Did You Know?

Milky Way with hoodoos

Bryce Canyon National Park has a 7.4 limiting magnitude night sky! In most rural areas of the United States, 2500 stars can be seen on a clear night. At Bryce Canyon, 7500 stars can be seen twinkling in the void! More...