Riggs Spring Loop Trail

The Riggs Spring Loop Trail begins at Yovimpa Point and travels through spruce, fir and bristlecone forests. Red cliff breaks and Quaking Aspen groves are scattered along the trail on the eastern side, allowing for beautiful vistas looking east and south. The western section of the trail is steeper and more heavily forested. A spring is located near the midway point of the trail offering some respite and shade for the weary traveler. Hikers and campers are cautioned to treat this water before using it for drinking. It is advised to carry plenty of water on this hike as well as other hikes. As this is also a popular backcountry (overnight) camping area, hikers and campers should be aware of each other and respect the privacy of others.
Topographical Image of Riggs Spring Loop Trail (marked in red)

Topographical image of the Riggs Spring Loop Trail (marked in red)


Elevation Profile of the Riggs Spring Loop Trail

Total Distance:

8.5 miles
14.2 km


2248 feet
685 m


2248 feet
685 m


7443/9115 feet
2269/2778 m

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