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    Due to bear activity at Bryce Canyon's back-country, the following campsite has been closed until further notice: Sheep Creek

Bush Cinquefoil

Common Names: Bush Cinquefoil, Shrubby Cinquefoil
Scientific Name: Dasiphora fruticosa ssp. floribunda (also known as Potentilla fruticosa)
Size (height) English & Metric: 12-36" (30-95 cm)
Habitat: Rocky, subalpine meadows near timberlines as well as lower moist areas and streambanks and active washes
Flowering Season (for Bryce region): May - August
Range: All of Northern North America and down through the Southwest

Bush Cinquefoil

lee dittmann

General Description:
This large bush is a member of the rose family. The flowers are shiny yellow with five petals. The bark is reddish in color and from the stems grow short, slender leaves.

Plant Lore:
Deer and livestock forage on its astringent foliage.

Conservation Message:
Overgrazing by livestock can reduce the vigor of this plant and create competition between deer and livestock for limited food sources.

When and where to see at Bryce:
Look for this plant along roadsides and trails. The best examples can be found along the Mossy Cave Trail during June through August.

Further Reading:
Buchanan, Hayle 1992. Wildflowers of Southwestern Utah. Bryce Canyon Natural History Association. Bryce Canyon, Utah.

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Did You Know?

Bryce Canyon Lodge

The Bryce Canyon Lodge, constructed in multiple phases throughout the 1920s, is a National Landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the last of the original lodges, designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood and built by the Utah Parks Company, to survive within the Grand Circle. More...