• Glowing sunset view from overlook - Photo by Jason Barnett Photography

    Big South Fork

    National River & Recreation Area KY,TN

Oil and Gas Management Plan

The purpose of the Oil and Gas Management Plan is to provide guidance to ensure that oil and gas activities are conducted in a manner that protects resources and values, visitor use and experience, and human health and safety. This plan includes proactive enforcement of the National Park Service regulations pertaining to non-federal oil and gas operations (9B Regulations) and existing plans of operations, clear communication with the public and operators about current legal and policy requirements, increased inspections and monitoring, a "New Management Framework" for efficiently completing compliance processes for plugging and reclamation, and the establishment of "Special Management Areas" to provide protection to park resources and values that are particularly susceptible to adverse impacts from oil and gas development.

Oil and Gas Management Plan EIS

Oil and Gas Management Plan Summary

Did You Know?

Devils Jump Rapid is just below the site of the proposed dam.

In the 1960's Congress requested the Army Corps of Engineers to study the feasibility of damming the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River just above the Devils Jump Rapid to create another reservoir. Had that happened Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area would never have existed.