Oscar Blevins farmstead, originally built in the 1800's.

The Oscar Blevins farm was originally built in the mid-1800's and worked into the 1980's.

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Big South Fork with its long and rich cultural history is home to many stories, tales and legends. While almost all the stories told contain some degree of truth and authenticity many of the tales and legends from the region are probability more fiction then fact.

One of the area's true stories is a story about a tragedy and its terrible impact on two families, two communities and many people of the Big South Fork region. It is a story which began with the death of two local law men and ended in the lynching of Jerome Boyatt.

There is a local legend which has been told in this area for years concerning drilling for salt brine and the naming of a rapids on the Big South Fork River near the Blue Heron Mining Community. Within this legend is combined a dash of truth and a large dose of fiction. It is the Legend of Devil's Jump.

The Sesquincentennial of the American Civil War is being commemorated by the National Park Service over a period of five years beginning in 2011. Compelling stories of places and events that occurred during this conflict will be shared at many park areas. Some of Big South Fork's stories can be quite personal in nature. We Just Wanted to be Left Alone is one ficticious person's account of this area's Civil War stories.

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