• Purple, yellow, gold and orange sponges and soft corals wave against a turquioise sea.


    National Park Florida

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  • Boat Tours, Paddle-craft Rentals and Select Conveniences Temporarily Unavailable

    Glass-bottom, snorkel, diving and island boat tours, and rentals for canoes and other paddle-craft, are temporarily unavailable. The park is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible and regrets the inconvenience. Limited snack items are available.

Nonnative Species

Nonnative (also called exotic) plants and animals occur in a given area as a result of deliberate or accidental introduction by humans. Exotics are not natural components of the ecosystems and have not evolved with the species native to the area. Without predators and other environmental factors to control their numbers, they can easily get out of control and cause a variety of problems for native plants and animals.There are a number of exotic species in Biscayne National Park.

For detailed information about nonnative plants that occur in Biscayne National Park, click here.

For detailed information about nonnative animals that occur in Biscayne National Park, click here.

Did You Know?

two green sea turtles

Many sea turtles live in the waters of Biscayne National Park and often nest on the park's few sandy beaches. Park employees monitor nesting beaches each summer to protect new nests from raccoons and other predators. More...