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    Extreme water shortage throughout park. Visitors are limited to 5 gallons per day, and are encouraged to conserve further when possible. Please consider bringing your own water to the park.

Primitive Roadside Campsite— Hannold Draw

Hannold Draw Primitive Roadside Campsite
Hannold Draw Primitive Roadside Campsite
NPS Photo/Cookie Ballou
Campsite Specifics
Hannold Draw (HD-1) can accommodate 3 vehicles, 20 people. Corral can accommodate 8 horses.
Hannold Draw (HD-1) is located 4.8 miles north of Panther Junction on Route 11 (toward Persimmon Gap). A short, 0.25 mile gravel access road leads to the campsite area. The turnoff is not marked; watch your odometer.
Road Conditions
The access road is generally well-maintained and accessible to all passenger vehicles. Following rains, the road may become very rutted and high-clearance vehicles may be necessary.
There is no shade at this site. Vegetation in the vicinity is sparse, mostly creosote and lechuguilla.
There is a good view of the Chisos Mountains to the north and the Sierra del Carmen range is visible to the distant east. The site is in a low draw.
Javelina frequent this area. Secure all food in your vehicle, including coolers. Pick up all trash. Javelina become aggressive around food.
Hannold Draw 1 (HD-1) is a sizeable campsite area suitable for several tents or a large RV. A cleared area south of the campsite is a gravel stockpile used by the park’s road crew. The draw just to the east of the site may have flowing water following heavy rain.

Did You Know?

Johnnie Ward, 1886

Ward Mountain (6,925'/2,111m), which forms the southern boundary of "The Window" is named for Johnnie Ward, a cowboy who worked for the G4 ranch in the Big Bend area in the mid-1880s.