Backcountry Food Storage

Backcountry Food Storage Locker

Backcountry Food Storage Lockers

NPS Photo\Cookie Ballou

Black bears, javelinas, skunks, rodents and other animals may explore your campsite looking for food scraps. Do your part to properly store food, water, and edible items from animals whether backpacking in the Chisos Mountains or camping at a primitive roadside campsite.

Store Edible Items
Don't leave edible items in your pack or take them into your tent at night. Don't eat in your tent. Store all edible items in bear proof lockers provided at campsites, including:

  • Food (even canned and freeze-dried)
  • Water bottles, filters, and liquids
  • Trash
  • Dirty dishes
  • Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and sunscreen)

Don't Leave Edible Items Unattended
Carry everything with you or store items in bear proof lockers and at roadside campsites, store items in a hard-sided vehicle (with the windows rolled up).

Keep a Clean Camp
Cook away from your sleeping area. Dispose of cooking water in camper sinks in the Chisos Basin campground or well away from camp in the backcountry. Strain water to insure food scraps aren't dumped on the ground.

Break Down Your Tent When Not In Use
Wildlife can be curious or attracted by food smells and may explore your tent. Consider leaving backpacks open at night, too.

Pack out all trash, including food scraps and grease
Don't leave food or trash in the storage locker.

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