• Breathtaking autumn colors in Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

    Bering Land Bridge

    National Preserve Alaska


A close-up photo of a rock covered in moss with tiny plants and grasses growing around it

A small piece of tundra is home to dozens of plant species

NPS Photo - Andrea Willingham

Examine just a small section of tundra, and you will find it is covered with dozens of species of grasses, wildflowers, berries, mosses, and lichens. In summer, over 300 species of vascular plants fill the air with sweet fragrance and display every color imaginable. The trees and shrubs change to rich oranges, reds, and yellows during the fall season. To learn more about the common wild flora you'll find at Bering Land Bridge, check out the links to the left.

Did You Know?

A map depicting the former landmass connecting North America and eastern Asia.

Bering Land “Bridge” is really a misnomer for the land mass that the people and animals used to cross over from Asia and populate the Americas. The bridge ranged up to 1,000 miles wide.