• Great Kiva with Walls of West Ruin

    Aztec Ruins

    National Monument New Mexico


High temperatures range between 80°F and 99°F degrees with a few days over 100°F. Afternoon thunderstorms usually cool things down in late July and August.

Usually pleasant, with mild days and crisp nights.

Daytime temperatures range between 20°F and 50°F with cold nights that can reach 0°F. Snow falls periodically throughout the season, but accumulations are typically only 1-2 inches.

Weather is especially unpredictable: it can be windy, cold, and wet, or still, warm, and dry.

Aztec Ruins receives about 10.5 inches of precipitation annually.
Rainbow over the Great Kiva
Rainbow over the Great Kiva after a thunderstorm
NPS Photo by Shiana Montanari

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