General Management Plan

Created by Congress in 1965, Assateague Island National Seashore was established to preserve the outstanding Mid-Atlantic coastal resources of Assateague Island and its adjacent waters and the natural processes upon which they depend, and to provide high quality resource-compatible recreational opportunities. To support these purposes, the National Park Service is preparing a new General Management Plan (GMP) for the seashore.


Status of our GMP Process

April, 2012 - The National Park Service is preparing a new General Management Plan (GMP) for Assateague Island National Seashore. GMPs take a long-range view and provide a framework for managers to use in making decisions about how best to protect park resources, what levels and types of use are appropriate, what facilities should be developed, and how people should access the park. All of which must be consistent with the reasons for the park's establishment - its purpose and significance.
Last summer we presented preliminary alternative management concepts and asked for your thoughts. The alternatives explored different ways of preserving and protecting Assateague Island National Seashore, providing rich visitor experiences, and telling its many stories. The input we received has helped us refine those alternatives, which are now undergoing analysis to determine the effects, or impacts, of each on the natural, cultural, and social environment. Later this year, the National Park Service will present the results of that analysis and identify a preferred alternative in a draft General Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement. With the release of the draft GMP/EIS, there will be another opportunity for public review and comment so stay tuned to our website for updates on the schedule.

Did You Know?