Lighthouses of the Apostles

Within the boundaries of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is the largest and finest single collection of lighthouses in the country.

- F. Ross Holland, Jr., Great American Lighthouses, 1994


Old Michigan Island Lighthouse

Built 1856
Placed in service 1857
Abandoned 1858
Re-lit 1869
Retired 1929
Guided tours available



Old LaPointe Lighthouse, Long Island

Built 1858
Retired 1897
Served as housing until abandoned in 1940
Foundation ruins still visible



Raspberry Island Lighthouse

Built 1862
Placed in service 1863
Enlarged 1906
Automated 1947
Light moved outside building 1957
Guided tours available



Outer Island Lighthouse

Built 1874
Automated 1961
Temporarily closed to public access due to construction activity



Sand Island Lighthouse

Built 1881
Automated 1921
Light moved to steel tower c.1933
Light moved back to lighthouse 1985
Still in service, guided tours available



Devils Island Light Tower

Temporary tower built 1891
Permanent tower built 1898
Permanent tower placed in service 1901
External braces added 1914
Automated 1978
Lens removed 1989
Lens replaced 1992
Still in service



New LaPointe Light Tower, Long Island

Built 1897
Automated 1964
Still in service, not open to public



Chequamegon Point Light Tower, Long Island

Built 1897
Retired and moved 1987
Preserved, not open to public



New Michigan Island Light Tower

Built in Pennsylvania 1880
Dismantled 1918
Re-erected on Michigan Island 1929
Automated 1943
Still in service, guided tours available


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