• The village of Appomattox Court House from the west, the McLean House is on the right.

    Appomattox Court House

    National Historical Park Virginia


Sedges, Rushes, and Grasses of Appomattox Court House NHP

Common name

Scientific name


Order Poales, Family Cyperaceae: Sedges

Stellate sedge

Carex albicans var australis

Foxtail sedge

Carex alopecoidea

Eastern narrowleaf sedge

Carex amphibola

Eastern woodland sedge

Carex blanda

Carolina sedge

Carex caroliniana

Oval-leaf sedge

Carex cephalophora

Fringed sedge

Carex crinita

Slender woodland sedge

Carex digitalis

Fescue sedge

Carex festucacea

Frank's sedge

Carex frankii

Southern waxy sedge

Carex glaucescens

Blue sedge

Carex glaucodea

Graceful sedge

Carex gracillima

Fuzzy wuzzy sedge

Carex hirsutella

Smoothsheath sedge

Carex laevivaginata

Spreading sedge

Carex laxiculmis

Broad looseflower sedge

Carex laxiflora

Shallow sedge

Carex lurida

Greater straw sedge

Carex normalis

Pennsylvania sedge

Carex pensylvanica

Eastern star sedge

Carex radiata

Rosy sedge

Carex rosea

Broom sedge

Carex scoparia

Squarrose sedge

Carex squarrosa

Lined sedge

Carex striatula

Bent sedge

Carex styloflexa

Swan's sedge

Carex swanii

Hairyfruit sedge

Carex trichocarpa

Cattail sedge

Carex typhina

Manyflower flatsedge

Cyperus lancastriensis

Globe flatsedge

Cyperus echinatus

Marsh flatsedge

Cyperus pseudovegetus

Rough flatsedge

Cyperus retrofractus

Blunt spikerush

Eleocharis obtusa

Slender spikerush

Eleocharis tenuis

Weakstalk bulrush

Schoenoplectus purshianus

Softstem bulrush

Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani

Green bulrush

Scirpus atrovirens


Scirpus cyperinus

Canadian whipgrass

Scleria pauciflora

Order Poales, Family Juncaceae: Rushes

Forked rush

Juncus dichotomus

Common rush

Juncus effusus

Poverty rush

Juncus tenuis

Hedgehog bulrush

Luzula echinata

Order Poales, Family Poaceae: Grasses

Upland bentgrass

Agrostis perennans

Broomsedge bluestem

Andropogon virginicus

Sweet vernalgrass

Anthoxanthum odoratum


Churchmouse threeawn

Aristida dichotoma

Hairy jointgrass

Arthraxon hispidus

Non-native, moderately invasive

Common oat

Avena sativa


Bearded shorthusk

Brachyelytrum erectum

Field brome

Bromus arvensis


Smooth brome

Bromus inermis


Hairy woodland brome

Bromus pubescens

Sweet woodreed

Cinna arundinacea


Dactylis glomerata

Non-native, occassionly invasive

Poverty oatgrass

Danthonia spicata

Bosc's panicgrass

Dichanthelium boscii


Dichanthelium clandestinum

Variable panicgrass

Dichanthelium commutatum

Cypress panicgrass

Dichanthelium dichotomum

Broadleaf rosette grass

Dichanthelium latifolium

Velvet panicum

Dichanthelium scoparium

Eastern bottlebrush grass

Elymus hystrix

Riverbank wildrye

Elymus riparius

Virginia wildrye

Elymus virginicus

Purple lovegrass

Eragrostis spectabilis

Red fecue

Festuca rubra

Nodding fescue

Festuca subverticillata

Fowl mannagrass

Glyceria striata

Eastern bottlebrush grass

Hystrix patula


Leersia virginica

Tall fescue

Lolium arundinaceum

Non-native, moderately invasive

Meadow ryegrass

Lolium pratense

Invasive non-native

Japanese stiltgrass

Microstegium vimineum

Non-native, highly invasive

Beaked panicgrass

Panicum anceps

Redtop panicgrass

Panicum rigidulum

Florida paspalum

Paspalum floridanum

Field paspalum

Paspalum laeve


Phleum pratense

Non-native, moderately invasive

Autumn bluegrass

Poa autumnalis

Canada bluegrass

Poa compressa

Non-native, moderately invasive

Early bluegrass

Poa cuspidata

Kentucky bluegrass

Poa pratensis

Meadow fescue

Schedonorus pratensis


Japanese bristlegrass

Setaria faberi

Non-native, moderately invasive

Yellow foxtail

Setaria pumila


Sorghastrum nutans


Sorghum halpense

Non-native, highly invasive

Purpletop tridens

Tridens flavus

Eastern gamagrass

Tripsacum dactyloides

Order Poales, Family Typhaceae (Sparganiaceae): Bur-reeds

American bur-reed

Sparganium americanum

Did You Know?

NY Herald, 'last shot' sketch 1865

In the last battle at Appomattox Court House, fought literally hours before Lee and Grant met for the surrender, nearly 700 men became casualties: killed, wounded, or captured.