• The village of Appomattox Court House from the west, the McLean House is on the right.

    Appomattox Court House

    National Historical Park Virginia

Army of the Shenandoah


Major General Philip H. Sheridan

Major General Philip H. Sheridan

Cavalry Corps: Major General Wesley Merritt


1st Division: Brigadier General Thomas C. Devin

1st Brigade: Colonel Peter Stagg

1st Michigan Cavalry

5th Michigan Cavalry

6th Michigan Cavalry

7th Michigan Cavalry

2nd Brigade: Colonel Charles L. Fitzhugh

6th New York Cavalry

9th New York Cavalry

19th New York Cavalry

17th Pennsylvania Cavalry

20th Pennsylvania Cavalry

3rd (Reserve) Brigade: Brigadier General Alfred Gibbs

2nd Massachusetts Cavalry

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry

1st United States Cavalry

5th United States Cavalry

6th United States Cavalry


4th United States Artillery, Companies C and E

2nd Division (Army of the Potomac):

Major General George Crook

1st Brigade: Brigadier General Henry E. Davies, Jr.

1st New Jersey Cavalry

10th New York Cavalry

24th New York Cavalry

1st Pennsylvania Cavalry (5 companies)

2nd United States Artillery, Company A

2nd Brigade: Brigadier General J. Irvin Gregg (captured April 7),

Colonel Samuel B. M. Young

4th Pennsylvania Cavalry

8th Pennsylvania Cavalry

16th Pennsylvania Cavalry

21st Pennsylvania Cavalry

1st United States Artillery, Companies H and I

3rd Brigade: Brigadier General Charles H. Smith

1st Maine Cavalry

2nd New York Mounted Rifles

6th Ohio Cavalry

13th Ohio Cavalry

3rd Division: Major General George A. Custer

1st Brigade: Colonel Alexander C. M. Pennington

1st Connecticut Cavalry

3rd New Jersey Cavalry

2nd New York Cavalry

2nd Ohio Cavalry

2nd Brigade: Colonel William Wells

8th New York Cavalry

15th New York Cavalry

1st Vermont Cavalry

3rd Indiana Cavalry, Companies A-F

3rd Brigade: Colonel Henry Capehart

1st New York Cavalry (Lincoln)

1st West Virginia Cavalry

2nd West Virginia Cavalry (7 companies)

3rd West Virginia Cavalry

Cavalry Division (Army of the James): Brigadier General

Ranald S. Mackenzie

1st Brigade: Colonel Robert M. West

20th New York Cavalry

5th Pennsylvania Cavalry

2nd Brigade: Colonel Samuel P. Spear

1st District of Columbia Cavalry (Battalion)

1st Maryland Cavalry

11th Pennsylvania Cavalry


Wisconsin Light Artillery, 4th Battery

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