• Cannon and Cornfield at Dawn


    National Battlefield Maryland

Natural Features & Ecosystems

Anyone visiting the park will realize that this historic site commemorating the battle of Antietam is not only significant because of its cultural value, but also its natural one.

The park lies on a bed of limestone, lending it to a variety of geologic features including karst systems, springs and seeps. This also provides a viable foundation for the very rich oak/hickory forest known as the Snavely Woods. Running through the woods is Antietam Creek, the body of water from which the battle received it's name.

Efforts are currently underway to inventory and monitor the water resources, forests communities, plants, animals and soils that comprise Antietam's historic landscape.

Did You Know?

Robert Gould Shaw

Robert Gould Shaw served as a Captain in the 2nd Massachusetts Infantry and was wounded in the Cornfield at Antietam before taking command of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry made famous in the movie Glory.